Cassandra’s Khazanah!

By Bonnie Berquam and Cathy Petersen

In 2013, Cassandra invited any student of the Cassandra School to join a new performing group called Khazanah, provided they were 39 or older. Since then membership has changed quite a bit, with a few core regulars. The group size ranges from 10 to 15 dancers and we represent all levels of experience. We’ve had the great fortune of learning several of Cassandra’s choreographies as she applies her mastery and creativity to moving groups around the stage.

It has been a joy to explore new choreographies and experience a range of music and styles. Plus there’s the fun of getting to know other Khazanah members!

“Yearning” is a song that inspires emotional interpretation of the choreography; our veils added color and drama while we danced. We first learned this choreography in 2014.

The Bangles, an all-female band of the 1980s, continues to have an impact. Their 1986 song, “Walk Like an Egyptian,” inspired Cassandra to create a choreography to this song. Khazanah performed Cassandra’s choreography in 2016.

Visit the Cassandra School YouTube channel to see lots of great dancing including a couple choreographies we’ve learned and performed here.

In 2020, we’ve continued to learn, practice and perform, but at a distance. During the summer, we met nearly every week in a park to practice with our masks on and keeping at least 6’ from each other. This fall and winter, we’re learning a new choreography via Zoom. If you’re interested in joining our group, you’re a student at the Cassandra School AND you’re 39 or older, please contact, or call 612.872.6050.

Author: LaDonna 'Adara Din' von Stoetzel

LaDonna 'Adara Din' von Stoetzel is an American belly dancer and member of Al-Bahira Middle Eastern Dance Theater.

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