Spring Spectacular 2021 Workshops!

As part of the Guild of Middle Eastern Dance Spring Spectacular event, we are offering four amazing online workshops! These were selected in 2020 as the most popular workshops and we are pleased to be able to offer them to you at last!


Saturday, May 22 (12-2 pm): Oops!...It Happened Again: How to prevent and gracefully deal with less than ideal performance situations by Emalee Morem
From costume malfunctions to props taking on a life of their own, Emalee will give examples of common "oops" circumstances, ways to prevent them, and ways to gracefully continue a performance if you encounter less-than-ideal situations. This is a lecture style workshop. Emalee will show examples of accidents with costuming, props, jewelry, etc, and ways to recover. It will be a hands-on showcase. She will have notes summarizing the workshop also. With over a decade of professional performance experience with multiple dance troupes, she has learned a lot of tricks and will have tips to share! 
- All Levels

Saturday, May 22 (3-5 pm): Improve Your Improv by Margo Abdo O’Dell
The essence of Middle Eastern dance is improvisation: spontaneous movement channeling the spirit of the music through the dancer. How do you get there instead of thinking so much about what you’ll do next? This workshop offers a variety of experiences to assist your journey toward self-expression, connectivity and dancing from the heart.
- Intermediate Level
- Please bring a mat, blanket or towel to lay on

Sunday, May 23 (12-2 pm): Exploring Rhythm by Renee Szudy
This workshop will focus on identifying and dancing to a selection of popular Egyptian rhythms. We will explore different approaches to interpreting drumming patterns and ways of adapting various movements to fit these patterns, learning 2-3 movement combinations for each rhythm. Participants will have the opportunity to create a few of their own movement sequences and string several combinations together into a short, simple drum solo piece. If it can be arranged, workshop will include live musical accompaniment.
- Intermediate Level
- Workshop participants will be allowed to video record the movement combinations at the end of the workshop.

Sunday, May 23 (3-5 pm): Masterful Zill Patterns by Cassandra Shore
Learn to play some awesomely masterful patterns on your finger cymbals, and dance with them as well! Cassandra will teach expert patterns that will enhance your playing ability and allow you freedom to syncopate, and flow with your dance music. Not appropriate for beginning finger cymbal players.
- Advanced Level  
- Will use finger cymbals


Spring Spectacular Workshops are now open for registration! Guild members enjoy discounted pricing! 


Yes, there are online shows, too! For information about the performances, see the Spring Spectacular page.

Questions? Send to guildofmiddleeasterndance@gmail.com

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