What you should know before you register to perform in the 2021 Guild Fundraiser

15th Annual Benefit for Women’s Advocates Performances

LIVE SHOW: Saturday, October 23, 7 pm, Elision Theater, Crystal, MN
ONLINE SHOW: Sunday, October 24, 6 pm on Zoom

Here’s information to help you prepare to register to perform in the LIVE or ONLINE show.

Inspiration and theme
Imagine you’re a star...or anything you want to be!! In this season of costuming and masquerade, we often ask, “What do I want to be?” What can you imagine? What would you invent? Be creative and play!!!

Two show options
There are two ways to participate in the shows.
1 – Perform in the LIVE show at the Elision Playhouse theater on Saturday, October 23. OR…
2 – Submit a digital file of your performance by Monday, October 11, and we’ll broadcast it in our online show on Sunday, October 24. See below for digital file guidelines.

Please note that you must register to perform AND you must be a Guild member. You can perform in one or two pieces (for example, a solo and a group).

Registration opens September 12
Online registration will begin Sunday, September 12, at 1 pm CT. We’ll provide a link via email and Facebook. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis. You’ll need to specify if you’ll be providing a digital file (.mp4) or participating in the live show. Please limit your music to no more than 6 minutes. Registration will switch to “wait list” once each show is full.


  • Promotional photos are due October 9
  • Video files are due Monday, October 11

Digital file guidelines
Your recorded digital file should be in landscape view (this is the wider view). Be sure to test your background, lighting and sound for quality and clarity. File type should be .mp4 format.

As you choose your music
We plan to share the online show on YouTube after our Zoom event. If your music is identified and blocked by YouTube we will have to remove your piece from the YouTube version.


Registration will be in two parts. First you complete the registration form. Approximately October 1, we will send you a second form to provide your technical notes and to request photos and video. This form will be due by October 9.

Music files, technical notes and promotional photos are due October 9
Send them to guildofmiddleeasterndance@gmail.com.

Do you want live action photography of your performance?
We have arranged for Shawn Orton to take photos during the show. You’ll get at least five images for $25.

Do you want the digital file of your performance?
We’ll be recording all the performances in the show unless you ask us not to. We plan to attempt some live streaming during the show, but it will likely be a very basic quality. We also plan to share the recorded show online on November 7 as a watch party.

Cost of photography and performance digital file:

  • Photography: $25 for at least five images
  • Digital file of your performance: $6 members (but members get one free file per year)

Here are the payment options.
1. PayPal. Access the Guild website, log in, and go to the Shop tab. (There is a $2 PayPal fee.) The payment button will be available shortly.
2. Cash or check. Please bring your prepared check or exact change to Elision Playhouse Theater. Make the check payable to: Guild of Middle Eastern Dance.

The Technical Rehearsal (4:30 – 6 pm, before the show)
We will communicate your scheduled tech rehearsal time. We will allow up to 7 minutes for each performer’s tech. The rehearsal will start at 4:30 pm and will run in the show order. If you miss your scheduled time, you might not be able to rehearse. We will do our best to allow a rehearsal for those who want it.

We will ask all live show performers to provide detailed tech notes along with your music, which is due on October 9. (We’ll send you a form to complete.)

  • Do you enter from stage left or stage right? (This is the stage direction from the performer’s perspective as you face the audience on stage.)
  • Do you want the lights and music to start before you enter? Or do you want to take your place on stage in the dark?
  • In what order should lights and music start?
  • Do you end on stage with a pose or leave as the music ends?
  • What color is your costume?
  • What style is your costume?
  • Are you using props? Do you need any props set? Do you leave any props on stage?
  • Do you prefer warm or cool lighting?
  • Are there any dramatic shifts in the music that you want to emphasize with lighting? Indicate the exact time in the music.
  • Do you have any special requests for lighting? (We will try to accommodate, but we are limited.)

Tech Rehearsal is optional (NEW!!!)
Performers may choose to opt out of the technical rehearsal. We will have approximately 15 minutes after tech rehearsal and before the doors open during which you can check out the stage floor, spacing, lighting and exit locations.

Call Time
The earliest we can access the theater is 4:00 pm. Plan to arrive at the theater at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tech rehearsal time. For those who opt out of the technical rehearsal, your call time is 5:30 pm. We’ll provide a phone number for you to communicate any emergencies or illness on the day of the show.

COVID-19 guidelines
We are committed to hosting a fun and safe event. Masks are required for all theater attendees. Performers may remove their face covering while they are performing. We will ask you at the door to provide proof of vaccination (at least 14 days) or negative COVID test result within 72 hours for entry to the theater. Face coverings may be removed while drinking.

If you are not feeling well on the show day, or if you have been exposed to someone confirmed to have COVID, please do not come to the theater. But please do let us know that you won’t be attending.

Check in when you arrive
Please check in with our assigned stage manager or Guild volunteer. You can handle any payments (for photography and digital file). We will also do a glitter check.

Check your sparkle!
The theater has a strict NO GLITTER policy. Please check all your costume, props, makeup, shoes, hair ornaments, etc. to ensure you are not wearing any glitter. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Dressing Room
The theater has an amazing dressing room area plus a green room. Please be sure you do not use the green room for dressing or makeup, etc. Plan to be in the green room at least two numbers before you go on.

Stage Notes
We will be using a white backdrop with colored lighting options. The floor is sprung wood, painted black, and nice for dance shoes or bare feet. Stage dimensions: 22 ft wide, 30 ft deep. You can enter from either side, since there are black curtain wings on both sides.

Elision Playhouse, 6105 42nd Ave North, Crystal
www.elisionplayhouse.com See: “Rent Performance Space – The Main Stage” for a map of the stage. [FYI…Elision rhymes with envision.]

Directions to the theater
It’s an easy drive in the twin cities, but you may not be familiar with the route, so check your maps, Google, etc. Also, check for any road closures on the day.
From Minneapolis, you can take 394 west out of Minneapolis. At Hwy 100 go north. Take the 42nd Ave N exit (Co Rd 9S toward Co Rd 81) and go left. Go 0.6 miles to the theater. You’ll see “Sweet Taste of Italy” at Adair Ave. Go one more block and the Elision Playhouse Theater is on your left.

Park on the west side of the building in the parking lot.

No smoking policy
It’s a no-smoking property.


We’re following current COVID safety guidelines
We’ll follow the theater’s current COVID guidelines as well as check current restrictions from the State of MN and CDC. We hope all can proceed as planned, but we’ll announce any required changes as needed. We’ll also check for guidelines for our audience and communicate them.

Have an event you want to announce?
During the shows we will have an opportunity to announce upcoming events. Please send us information about your events that you would like us to include in our promotions.

Please share, invite your friends, and promote the shows
Encourage your friends, communities, family to attend upcoming events.

  • Watch for the Guild social media posts and please tag, share, comment, etc.
  • #GoMED
  • #GuildofMiddleEasternDance

Purchasing show tickets
We hope to fill the theater, so we are planning more media promotions this year. Please invite your friends! Advanced ticket sales will be announced on social media and the Guild website.

The show will have one short intermission. You may watch the half of the show that you are not performing in. You can purchase a ticket to reserve your seat (consider splitting a ticket with a dancer who’s in the opposite half). Or you can sit in an extra, open seat, if available. The theater does not allow standing in the aisles and there is no room in the wings to watch. Given the design of the seating area, it is not possible to enter or exit the audience area without being disruptive to the show.

Remember to bring a cover up and remove your jinglies when you are sitting in the audience.


QUESTIONS you may have

Can I perform in multiple pieces?
Yes. You can be in up to two. For example, two groups or one solo and one group.

How do I know if my membership is current?
If you aren’t sure if your membership is current, send us an email and we can check for you. If you want to become a member, go to www.theguildofmiddleeasterndance.org and sign up. If you have any issues, just send us an email.

Please send us your questions:

Thank you for making this event a success and for your support of Women’s Advocates!


Author: LaDonna 'Adara Din' von Stoetzel

LaDonna 'Adara Din' von Stoetzel is an American belly dancer and member of Al-Bahira Middle Eastern Dance Theater.

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