We Want You! … to Become a Guild Board Member!

Are you interested in serving on the Guild Board?
It's not too late!
We are taking applications through Monday, November 1st for our 2022-2023 term.
Elections are planned for mid-November, and descriptions of the roles are below.
Click here to fill out the Election Application.
Please contact us if you have any questions.  And, if you want to become more involved but aren't interested in running for a seat on the board, let us know and we will add you to our list of beloved volunteers!

First Chairperson
A. Schedule and preside at all executive or special meetings, shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, and shall fulfill the duties and exercise the powers usually assigned to the office of First Chairperson.
B. She/he shall be the Chairperson of the Executive Board and have the power to fill vacancies occurring in the Board for the remaining term of any vacancies.
C. The First Chairperson may direct expenditures not to exceed two-hundred dollars ($200) in any month without Executive Board approval. Such expenditures must be reported to and recorded by the Treasurer.
D. Assist other Officers with their duties as needed.

A. Keep a written record of all Guild meetings and will share the previous meeting minutes within two (2) weeks of the meeting.
B. Receive and process new and renewal membership applications/dues and maintain membership records.
C. Create the annual election ballots and surveys as needed.

A. Make expenditures as authorized and keep a record of all the receipts and expenditures of all funds. Prior to each meeting, the Treasurer shall prepare a detailed financial report to be shared with Executive Board at the meeting.
B. Deposit all dues collected and all monies received for the Guild. A log of these deposits will be included in the regular financial report.
C. Regularly review Guild practices/procedures and recommend revisions/best practices in Guild operations to promote financial solvency.

Communications Officer
A. Edit and send a regular (monthly or bi-monthly) newsletter to members via email, that shall include a listing of Guild events and Guild member events that have been submitted to the Guild website via the online submission form.
B. Maintain the Guild Facebook page. This includes the creation and promotion of Guild Facebook events, the authorization of co-hosted member Facebook events, regular postings, and timely responses to Facebook messages.
C. Present information to the membership as needed via email and Facebook.
D. Maintain the Guild email account, responding to and/or forwarding messages as needed.
E. The Communications Officer shall be a liaison to the membership and will represent individual member ideas, concerns, questions, and suggestions at meetings where the member is unable to be present.

Hafla Officer
A. The Hafla Officer shall coordinate the Guild’s haflas. This includes identifying dates, times and locations of the events; reserving venues; arranging for technical support and setup help; creating performer application forms, setting the show line-up and communications with performers.
B. The Hafla Coordinator shall drive the promotion of haflas by submitting event information to the Website Officer for the website calendar; creating Facebook events; and designing and distributing flyers

Website Officer
A. Design, maintain, update, and ensure the functionality of the website including troubleshooting and other technological knowledge for said maintenance. Regular updates include: Guild and member events, guild meetings and minutes, minimum wage guidelines, member profiles and local class information on a dedicated class calendar.
B. Assist members with technical difficulties regarding the website, including resetting member passwords.
C. Assist the Member Officer in monitoring membership changes.
D. Monitor and maintain the website shop for sales of merchandise and event tickets.

Social Media Officer
A. Keep social media accounts current and active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
B. Develop and follow a regular schedule of postings highlighting video/pics of events, weekend performances, etc.
C. Support the website officer.

We will contact you with any questions we have once we receive your application.
Click here to fill out the Election Application.

Thanks so much for being part of the Guild of Middle Eastern Dance,
The Guild Board

Author: LaDonna 'Adara Din' von Stoetzel

LaDonna 'Adara Din' von Stoetzel is an American belly dancer and member of Al-Bahira Middle Eastern Dance Theater.

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