You Can Promote Yourself on the Guild Website

The Guild website promotes Guild members who are available as soloists or groups to be hired.

Here’s how to add your information in the HIRE DANCERS section of the website.


How to set up “soloist for hire”

Open the Guild website and log in. Click Edit Profile, then Edit.


In the Base section:

  • Add text in Soloist Profile.
  • Check Soloist under Available for Hire.
  • Click Save Changes.

Go to the Soloist for Hire Page.

Your Display Name, profile photo and Soloist Profile should now appear on the Soloist for Hire page.


How to add more information to your profile

Click to Edit your profile again.

Continue to add information in the Performer for Hire and Contact sections.


  • You do not need to fill in all the fields. If you leave a field blank, it will not display in your profile.
  • Note that you can adjust “Who can see” for most of the fields.
  • You can log in and adjust your information at any time.

How to create a “group for hire”

Send an email to and ask us to create a group. Include your group name plus the names of the administrator(s). The administrator must be an active Guild member so they can log in to the website.

We will set up the group and let you know when it is available.

Your group administrator will log in and:

  • Locate the group on the Groups for Hire page or in their profile under Groups.
  • Click Manage to edit the group information.
  • Details allows you to edit the description including contact links. Note that the formatting is created using codes that you should keep.
  • Photo allows you to add a square photo image. Scroll down to upload the image.
  • Cover image allows you to add a rectangular image. Scroll down to upload the image.
  • Members allows you to add group members.

Group administrators can make updates at any time. Send us an email if you need assistance.

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