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Watch the Guild Summer Extravaganza Show – Second Half 10/14

October 14, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Watch the Guild Summer Extravaganza Show – from the Fundraiser Performance on July 23. We’ll be showing recorded videos from our 16th Annual Benefit Show at Elision Theater held on July 23. LIVE on Zoom in October over two weekends:

  • FIRST HALF of the show: Friday, 10/7 at 7 pm; Sunday, 10/9 at 4 pm
  • SECOND HALF of the show: Friday, 10/14 at 7 pm; Sunday, 10/16 at 4 pm

Here's the Zoom link (no charge to attend):


Meeting ID: 871 8101 7645
Passcode: BenefitWA

PLAN TO ATTEND!! You need to attend the live Zoom meeting to see the show, so we are offering it at two different times.

October is fundraising month for Women’s Advocates. You can make online donations here: https://womensadvocates-bloom.kindful.com/dvam2022/guild-of-middle-eastern-dance3

 Learn more about the organization at: wadvocates.org

Second half performers: 

  • Blue Lotus Dancers: Autumn, Cat Frenchbird, Karizma (Jenny Meyer) Cherie Nau, Jalilah (Jennifer Bastyr), Alisa Martodam, Anjela, Azalea (Thuy Doan)
  • Sonja (Sonja Raqs)
  • Khazanah: Bon Joony (Bonnie Berquam), Vara (Barb Franklin), Giselle, Patricia Salek, Selene (Jean Kerkes), Susanne Aspley, Wendy Nemitz
  • Adara Din
  • Blue Lotus Dancers (trio): Rhoda Lichy, Karizma, Cherie Nau
  • Swords and Silks, Mankato: Sherazade, Barbara Young, Joe McMichael
  • Selene
  • Sehraya: Sonja, Liz (Liz Sorenson), Marielle (Marielle Blomstrand)
  • Sabine & Luna Rouge
  • Shady* Danza Oriental: Sami (SAMI Valento), Yeny (Yennifer Soriano), Anna (Ana María Uribe), Shady (Janeth Galvis)
  • Abigail & Meghan (Abigail Johnson, Meghan Porter)


October 14, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Guild of Middle Eastern Dance