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The Guild is a community organization formed to promote Middle Eastern and related dance and camaraderie among the dance community, to provide performance opportunities for dancers and dance students and to ensure good working conditions and minimum wage guidelines for professional dancers.

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Cost: $28.00/year

Use one of these payment options:

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2. If you can't subscribe online, please contact us by email at to ask about other options.


  1. Receive new member email and login information.
  2. Log in to this website and create your member profile.
  3. Under Members Only, go to the Newsletter signup page and complete the form. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Welcome email confirming your email address. Then you’ll receive the newsletter email once a month, usually on the 15th.

Guild Member Benefits

  • Be part of an organization that promotes the Middle Eastern and related dance
  • The opportunity to perform in our annual show* 
  • Receive a monthly newsletter via email
  • Receive one free performance video per year 
  • Receive discounts on workshops, show tickets, and Guild merchandise 
  • Create a profile on our website about you, including your dancing and teaching information, to promote yourself
  • Submit events for promotion on the website calendar and monthly newsletter
  • Assign the Guild as a co-host on Facebook events (one-time events, not weekly classes)
  • Promotion of your dance events through Guild social media channels 
  • Benefit from wage guidelines and stated hiring practices
  • Attend Guild Board meetings, which are open to all members
  • Volunteer at Guild events to receive extra benefits or discounts
  • Vote in bi-annual officer elections, held in the fall of odd numbered years, and in member surveys, as needed 
  • Run for and serve as a Guild board officer

*Note: Everyone in a group must be a member to participate in the show.

We are a non-profit (501c7) social club organization. Your membership dues allow us to host events that provide performance opportunities, teaching opportunities, and workshops where we can learn from others. Help us support the community by becoming a member.