Hiring Dancers

Want to hire dancers?

We have several Guild member soloists and groups available for hire. Review the list of performers:

What a bellydancer can add to your event

Hiring a belly dancer can add an element of excitement and fun (and in some cases, surprise!) to your event, and can be instrumental in making your special occasion even more memorable and over-the-top. Experienced belly dancers know how to work a crowd, set a joyous mood for your party, and encourage your guests to actively participate.

How to hire a dancer

Learn more here: Steps for hiring a dancer, including how to plan and what to expect.

Events that lend themselves well to hiring a belly dancer:

  • Weddings and anniversaries
  • Festivals and community/cultural celebrations
  • Birthdays (including quinceaneras and other milestones)
  • Girls night out
  • Bridal showers
  • Corporate events
  • Kids party
  • Assisted living
  • Educational programs

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